poppy floral bedding

I have been casually looking for bedding for awhile now. Bedding is one of those big purchases that you don’t take lightly. Since it is such a large piece of a room’s décor, and such a driving factor in an overall aesthetic, you really have to find something you like. I had sort of glimpsed as Tueday Morning, Marshall’s and TJ. Maxx (the usual suspects), to no avail. I had done the online rounds (West Elm, Pottery Barn), again, nothing struck my fancy. Granted, these are pretty limited avenues to search but hey, I said ‘casual’ right. The point was, that I would ‘look’ over time (aka-I would just let it find me so to speak). On a random trip to the mall, some Martha Stewart closeout merchandise jumped out at me. I mean, you can’ beat a closeout price. I bought a duvet cover set, came home tried it out, and to my dismay didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. (It was this spring green fern / stenciled flowers look). It just looked a little to quaint. But everything happens for a reason I think, and this mini failure is what lead me to look at Macy’s online. The deals around the holidays are pretty prolific, so, this worked in my favor. I found this really elegant  Martha Stewart ‘bed in a bag’ type ensemble. The Martha Stewart Collection Poppy Floral 6-Piece comforter set (and matching decorative pillow set of course). If you know me, you know that I’m pretty staid in choices for home decor – I like a lot of whites, taupes… neutrals. So for me this was really stepping out of the box. I already had our master bedroom outfitted in Martha’s (white) Trousseau Collection (am I a fangirl or what?). But the guest bedroom has been sporting the brown and blue bedspread of yore (ok ok, by yore I mean, it is a little over 2 and a 1/2 years old) and I felt it time for a change. Bedding has a lifespan I guess (mentally for me) (and possibly physically sometimes too!). The old bedspread was in OK enough shape. I’m just looking for justifications. The decription on  Macy’s gets me all giddy:

Field of blooms. Martha Stewart Collection plants overgrown blossoms alongside bold stripes in the decidedly fresh and serene Poppy Floral comforter set. A modern palette of chartreuse, slate and cream elevates a room with understated elegance.

Oh how I like poppys! And I’ve been really secretly wanting to decorate with a lime greenish color! (Mostly ever since I put pears out in the kitchen). I just think its a really modern bold look! ‘Slate’–sounds so….regal. Love it! It might make it into the master bedroom even. We’ll see.

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Custom Cards

Swoon! Wouldn’t it be nice to give hand illustrated cards this year? Only $145 for hand painted portraits by Anna Bond.

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smell like a cupcake

I’m in love with this new scent ‘Cupquake‘ from Victoria’s Secret’s Beauty Rush line. I’m not a connoisseur of perfumes, in fact, I find most repulsive. I’m also not in the habit of shopping for scents. Ever. So imagine my delight at finding a new scent that I truly love. Juvenile as it may be to like such a scent- Cupquake sort of smells like cupcakes, not in a sickening way like some of those candles smell, but in a mysterious sort of way that’s not a dead on cupcake smell. An elusive sweet scent. I’ve been really into this genre of smells for awhile (butter cream was a favorite Yankee Candle Scent), however I never thought about wearing a scent like this. My sister Nicole tried it on when we were out at the store together and had me smell her wrist. Skeptical at first of liking anything, I gave if a sniff. I was taken aback, and immediately asked her to point it out for me! What was this delicious smelling scent, anyway? Previously Heavenly had been my go to scent, which eventually got replaced by Desire. Safe to say I have a new favorite!

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a new kitchen table

We got a new kitchen table! We replaced the two seat tiny table with this new table that measures 36 x 60 x 39, the “1120 Branson” style by Standard Furniture was the winner. I found it on a return trip to Klopfenstein’s – although I had been there a few weeks prior, I can only say it was a gut instinct that brought me back there. We were about to settle for another table that I wasn’t 100% happy about. But on that 2nd trip, I found this baby, that had just arrived within the week. See, it pays to follow your gut. It’s got modern lines on the legs, Napoleon chairs, and an ‘antique oak’ color that went well in the kitchen. I’ve got the glamor photo above, which shows that one could do a bench with it. We opted for 6 chairs rather. Below, check out my simply table-scape for Thanksgiving – featuring a wood tray from Target, runner from Target, votives, corn and “Baby Bear” Pumpkins grown in our very own garden. How cute are they!? We will be growing pumpkins again for sure next year, as they were one of our most successful crops (the beginners that we are). Pic taken by my camera phone- stay tuned for a replacement on the image. Happy Thanksgiving all!

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pine cone city

I’m a huge fan of pine cones. It was the first thing I decorated with in my house and the obsession continues. I just think they are one of the most beautiful objects made in nature and they represent all things I love: outdoors, forest, trees… I’ve been wondering if I should make ornaments out of pine cones this year… I made some many years ago in girl scouts and it seems a budget friendly way to get going with one’s first tree. Well, this won’t be our first tree per se, as we’ve always had a mini fake one up. But this will be our first holiday season in our new home, and with that comes much excitement and anticipation on my part to decorate. Check out Elizabeth Scott’s sterling silver necklaces here.

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barbie gets a facelift

Loving the newly launch Barbie Collector website. Very nicely designed! Also, did you know Barbie now has a blog? And how cute are the shoes on her Twitter page?! I can’t take it! You combine Barbies and great design and I’m just in a tizzy. I must admit, I’m still as big a fan as ever of Barbie dolls. I had a childhood collection totaling over 100 thanks to my dad!

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Happy Halloween

Hey all, hope you had a Happy Halloween. This year, I attempted to carve the cover design on Martha Stewart Living. Let’s just say it is the effort that counts. It looked sort of like Martha’s in the end but I think once you’ve been looking at Martha’s work (or her minion’s work) for awhile it’s hard for your own craft to compare up. Truth be told, I think I was a bit handicapped by makeshift tools and the lack of a linoleum cutter. Just goes to show how very important tools can be to a craft project. Despite all this, one mom that came to the door exclaimed ‘cool pumpkin!’. . . Meanwhile, I handed out mini-Play-Doughs to the trick-or-treaters and each of them invariably exclaimed ‘I got Play-Dough’. It’s safe to say they were a huge hit. FYI, you can pick up a pack of 60 at Sam’s Club for $9.98. I just remember how cool it always was to get something besides candy. Also, I have fond memories of the costumes my Grandma sewed my sister and I. One year I was an Arabian Princess, once a cowgirl, once a cat. My mom made me a sweet princess costume with a foil hat when I was probably 4. What is not to love about Halloween? All the creativity that goes into the holiday, and candy to boot!

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