smell like a cupcake

I’m in love with this new scent ‘Cupquake‘ from Victoria’s Secret’s Beauty Rush line. I’m not a connoisseur of perfumes, in fact, I find most repulsive. I’m also not in the habit of shopping for scents. Ever. So imagine my delight at finding a new scent that I truly love. Juvenile as it may be to like such a scent- Cupquake sort of smells like cupcakes, not in a sickening way like some of those candles smell, but in a mysterious sort of way that’s not a dead on cupcake smell. An elusive sweet scent. I’ve been really into this genre of smells for awhile (butter cream was a favorite Yankee Candle Scent), however I never thought about wearing a scent like this. My sister Nicole tried it on when we were out at the store together and had me smell her wrist. Skeptical at first of liking anything, I gave if a sniff. I was taken aback, and immediately asked her to point it out for me! What was this delicious smelling scent, anyway? Previously Heavenly had been my go to scent, which eventually got replaced by Desire. Safe to say I have a new favorite!

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