poppy floral bedding

I have been casually looking for bedding for awhile now. Bedding is one of those big purchases that you don’t take lightly. Since it is such a large piece of a room’s décor, and such a driving factor in an overall aesthetic, you really have to find something you like. I had sort of glimpsed as Tueday Morning, Marshall’s and TJ. Maxx (the usual suspects), to no avail. I had done the online rounds (West Elm, Pottery Barn), again, nothing struck my fancy. Granted, these are pretty limited avenues to search but hey, I said ‘casual’ right. The point was, that I would ‘look’ over time (aka-I would just let it find me so to speak). On a random trip to the mall, some Martha Stewart closeout merchandise jumped out at me. I mean, you can’ beat a closeout price. I bought a duvet cover set, came home tried it out, and to my dismay didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. (It was this spring green fern / stenciled flowers look). It just looked a little to quaint. But everything happens for a reason I think, and this mini failure is what lead me to look at Macy’s online. The deals around the holidays are pretty prolific, so, this worked in my favor. I found this really elegant  Martha Stewart ‘bed in a bag’ type ensemble. The Martha Stewart Collection Poppy Floral 6-Piece comforter set (and matching decorative pillow set of course). If you know me, you know that I’m pretty staid in choices for home decor – I like a lot of whites, taupes… neutrals. So for me this was really stepping out of the box. I already had our master bedroom outfitted in Martha’s (white) Trousseau Collection (am I a fangirl or what?). But the guest bedroom has been sporting the brown and blue bedspread of yore (ok ok, by yore I mean, it is a little over 2 and a 1/2 years old) and I felt it time for a change. Bedding has a lifespan I guess (mentally for me) (and possibly physically sometimes too!). The old bedspread was in OK enough shape. I’m just looking for justifications. The decription on  Macy’s gets me all giddy:

Field of blooms. Martha Stewart Collection plants overgrown blossoms alongside bold stripes in the decidedly fresh and serene Poppy Floral comforter set. A modern palette of chartreuse, slate and cream elevates a room with understated elegance.

Oh how I like poppys! And I’ve been really secretly wanting to decorate with a lime greenish color! (Mostly ever since I put pears out in the kitchen). I just think its a really modern bold look! ‘Slate’–sounds so….regal. Love it! It might make it into the master bedroom even. We’ll see.

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  1. Aim Assegaf says:

    floral printing bedding set is always be popular choice among shoppers. and your review make me more confident to take is as recommendation

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