a new kitchen table

We got a new kitchen table! We replaced the two seat tiny table with this new table that measures 36 x 60 x 39, the “1120 Branson” style by Standard Furniture was the winner. I found it on a return trip to Klopfenstein’s – although I had been there a few weeks prior, I can only say it was a gut instinct that brought me back there. We were about to settle for another table that I wasn’t 100% happy about. But on that 2nd trip, I found this baby, that had just arrived within the week. See, it pays to follow your gut. It’s got modern lines on the legs, Napoleon chairs, and an ‘antique oak’ color that went well in the kitchen. I’ve got the glamor photo above, which shows that one could do a bench with it. We opted for 6 chairs rather. Below, check out my simply table-scape for Thanksgiving – featuring a wood tray from Target, runner from Target, votives, corn and “Baby Bear” Pumpkins grown in our very own garden. How cute are they!? We will be growing pumpkins again for sure next year, as they were one of our most successful crops (the beginners that we are). Pic taken by my camera phone- stay tuned for a replacement on the image. Happy Thanksgiving all!

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