Happy Halloween

Hey all, hope you had a Happy Halloween. This year, I attempted to carve the cover design on Martha Stewart Living. Let’s just say it is the effort that counts. It looked sort of like Martha’s in the end but I think once you’ve been looking at Martha’s work (or her minion’s work) for awhile it’s hard for your own craft to compare up. Truth be told, I think I was a bit handicapped by makeshift tools and the lack of a linoleum cutter. Just goes to show how very important tools can be to a craft project. Despite all this, one mom that came to the door exclaimed ‘cool pumpkin!’. . . Meanwhile, I handed out mini-Play-Doughs to the trick-or-treaters and each of them invariably exclaimed ‘I got Play-Dough’. It’s safe to say they were a huge hit. FYI, you can pick up a pack of 60 at Sam’s Club for $9.98. I just remember how cool it always was to get something besides candy. Also, I have fond memories of the costumes my Grandma sewed my sister and I. One year I was an Arabian Princess, once a cowgirl, once a cat. My mom made me a sweet princess costume with a foil hat when I was probably 4. What is not to love about Halloween? All the creativity that goes into the holiday, and candy to boot!

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One Response to Happy Halloween

  1. amuhlou says:

    What a shocker, we had homemade costumes too! My mom would take us to JoAnn's where we could pick out the patterns and fabrics–so fun! For really challenging costumes, mom would call in grandma for extra help. I remember a sweet Minnie Mouse costume from one year.

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