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birthday celebrations / sushi and pizza reviews

So I had a great weekend in Lansing celebrating my birthday! I have to say, I stopped at some places in Lansing that I had never been before, new places that have opened up fairly recently (or not so recently … Continue reading

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Happy Spring!

It finally warmed up in Fort Wayne. This has me thinking about all the exciting things I can do now that the weather is warmer. Go see my family in Lansing more often, nature hikes, camping, just being outside in … Continue reading

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nautical spring

So, it’s barely time to think about Spring, but I’ve had just about enough cold that it’s time to gear up for next season. It just so happens that Tom and I are going to finally get a chance to … Continue reading

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Matryoshka doll

The one souvenir from my vacation was a little Russian nesting doll, otherwise know as a matryoshka doll. I had to stop into the Dutch Village gift shop since we were in Holland, Michigan for a couple nights. There I … Continue reading

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vacation time

Happy Friday to everyone! I will be on vacation next week, headed to Michigan’s west coast. I’ll be back to posting here on Monday the 17th. I shot this sunset at P.J Hoffmaster State Park the night I got engaged-September … Continue reading

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organization is a plus

Design that is beautiful and functional is what fascinates me the most. I am always in favor of things I can add to my life to keep me organized, and I like to know that important information is stored somewhere … Continue reading