dreamy china

I can’t explain my fixation on china. All I can think of is that it somehow epitomizes my values: family, tradition and the excitement of holiday gathering / meals, exquisite design and craftsmanship. I don’t want this comment to come off materialistic so much as I wish to express my desire for family intimacy. I love family dinners at the dining room table, always have! None of this eating in front of the TV stuff. Few objects we own are meant to last as long as china. China is something to be passed on to future generations. Seeing antique and ancient dinnerware in museums just gives me chills. China seems to be fast becoming a relic, as I’ve discussed before it seems many brides I’ve know have chosen not to register for china. This may be in part to changing lifestyles and, well, the prohibitive cost. I must say that is the one downer of the subject. Why must a set of fine bone china cost so darn much? The set I own cost around $500 for 12 place settings (porcelain certainly makes for a more cost effective solution). But I can’t help but covet this dreamy set, Waterford’s Baron’s Court China. The picture does it no justice by the way. You have to see it in person and run your fingers over the raised floral pattern and elegant platinum lining.

For those looking for an alternative to spending so much or have a more streamlined taste, I also recommend Mikasa’s Gothic Platinum for the ultimate in simple, classic elegance. This china is just white with a platinum band. Sometimes, less is more. Coming in at $69.99 a place setting it is a little more stomach-able then the Baron’s Court style at $125 a place setting.

Lastly, I’ll make a little plug for my set, Mikasa’s Parchment, coming in at $39.99 a place setting (but watch for the 8 setting set for $199!) It’s pretty elegant, too. 🙂

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