glass display pillar holders

As an older sibling I’m used to learning things the hard way. I even sort of like it that way. I like paving my way and learning things as I go for myself. Mostly I probably just not like being told what to do or given unsolicited advice. One thing is for sure though as I go I have learned that things get easier with experience and exposure. When I started out getting into the world of home decorating I was quite overwhelmed and sort of clueless. But it turns out that the web designer in me translates to other areas of design, eg. interior design. Having a design eye in one design field can certainly help when it comes to tasks in another design arena. (Well that and a Pottery Barn catalog /obsession). I am also seriously all about getting things just right, more than right, perfect. This obsessive trait is one that I’m sure aids me in my design work, can sometimes become tiring if I let it get out of hand in my personal life. I can really mull over decisions regarding home decor choices. Usually its a long process, as I go between several options. Then it seems as of late, I’ll finally take the plunge on one only to shortly thereafter change my mind and come up with a 3rd, perfect solution that somehow wasn’t even on the plate when I debated between choices one and two. My mind works in funny ways. One of my gifts is having an imagination that runs wild. I’m still learning to harness it in for my sanity. Sometimes. Anyhow, progress has been made on the mantel as I ordered a couple candle holders. If you read my blog by now you’ll know that I’m all about bring nature in, which these perfectly do with the addition of a little sprig. I could of course also do pine cones or river stones or a myriad of other items (that’s the fun of it, it’s totally versatile for the changing seasons). Oh, and for all the frugalistas out there, know that I most certainly advocate replicating pricey looks with local steals from Marshall’s or Tuesday Morning. Believe me, I went everywhere looking to replicate this look on the cheap but nothing compared up. Thus my little splurge (which I think is fine in moderation). Cheers!

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