frilly chic tops

I talk about fashion from time to time. It is definitely an interest of mine. The thing I’ve always found prohibitive is that nice clothes cost so much! Everyone has there values on what is important enough to spend money on, for me, travel and experiences are right up at the top. Food is pretty close to the top since I enjoy a nice meal now and again (lobster anyone?). Clothes used to be a priority for me, but since I’ve been married I guess you could I eased up a bit in that department. Also, working from home it is a lot easier to be a slacker when it comes to fashion. It’s like, nobody is going to see my today except my husband, so why bother. Additionally I have to say I’m becoming more and more adverse to the mall. Being the web savvy chic that I am, you would think I would order clothes online more often. Well I haven’t really been moved enough by anything to do so lately, but these tops are just adorable. Spool 72 Clothing describes themselves as rustic native inspired women’s clothing. It’s sort of like prairie bohemian native. I love their style. It really fits the style I aspire to. I’ve always been a sucker for native stuff like feather earrings, and bitsy floral prints. Check out these tops and more at Spool 72 Clothing Company.

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