awareness of the value of design

There are a lot of things we used in our day to day life that we take for granted as being something that was designed. (Practically everything was designed!). I think average people frequently underestimate the power and value of design. Throughout my career as designer I’ve come to realize that the majority of people outside of the field don’t understand the nuances and value of good design, nor do they have any clue what goes into it. It is not just about time, great design comes from the experience and intuition of a talented designer. Paula Scher sketched the Citibank logo in seconds on napkin after walking out of a meeting. So, because it took her a second does that mean that is what the client should pay for? A second of time? To answer this I quote her:

“How can it be that you talk to someone and it’s done in a second? But it is done in a second. it’s done in a second and in 34 years, and every experience and every movie and every thing of my life that’s in my head.”

I love to work as designer. There’s nothing better than knowing that I am contributing to shaping how we experience the world. For more on Paula Scher check out this video.

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