thermos then and now

I have fond/mixed memories of childhood school lunches. I say mixed because I hated school! Not so much the schoolwork but I was terribly shy and scared and didn’t enjoy going away to school when I had much more fun at home playing barbies. (Elaborate barbie games-don’t even get me started). Well I actually remember my first lunch in kindegarten. (Can you believe I remember stuff from then?). I sat in the playground to eat, and I had my yellow Garfield lunchbox (but my Strawberry Shortcake thermos!?). I don’t quite remember but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that my mom had made me soup. I later discussed this with Tom and his mom also gave him soup for lunch! So that must be a sign of a good mom I’ll remember that. The Garfield lunchbox was a big player for a long time. I didn’t even choose it and I somehow doubt my mom did. That must have been my dad’s work. I also vaguely remember having a red strawberry shortcake lunchbox. That is either a false memory or that box was short lived and possibly existed before we moved to the house on Pickwick when I was 6. But for certain the Strawberry Shortcake thermos showed up in my first school lunch. I did choose to take Garfield luncbox that day. I think it was between this and the Orange New Kids Box and I thought it a more safe choice. I do remember talking to a schoolmate on the bus about which Jem dolls she had. The New Kids on the Block Lunchbox was shameless! I was SO into the New Kids. Wasn’t everyone? I was so excited to get tickets to their concert one birthday when I was maybe 8? My dad wrapped them in nested boxes so I got to open a gigantic box and a bunch of smaller ones to uncover the tickets. That was probably one of the best gifts of my life, and it might have to do with the creative wrapping. I am a fan of creative gift giving. Once my parents gave my sister and I cross country skis for Christmas and there was a ‘treasure hunt’ with clues. I gave Tom skis last year and did the same thing. Anyhow, I digress. So back to lunch. I was the weird kid who got all this healthy food every lunch. Whole wheat bread, 100% fruit juice, veggies, whole wheat crackers and cheese. No squeez-its or cheeto bags for me. I think I coerced my mom into getting some squeeze-its and some point (and they weren’t even that good)! Years of eating this way and by middle school my friends thought I was some kind of health freak. I was the go to person of healthy eating. I liked my rep. (If only I lived that rep now!). I’m just reminiscing now but I’ll make my point. I really appreciate the values my mom instilled upon me by serving me all this healthy food. It set me up for a lifetime of healthy eating! (These days my downfall is eating out). All of what I just shared I am reminded of by one item: the Thermos. It really represents a parent who loves you. I mean, warm food from home really was special and appreciated in the middle of a school day. These days, I get my Thermos kick with the new Thermos Intak Bottle. It let’s you adjust a ring around the neck to mark how much water you are drinking during the day. Score! Thermos is still keeping it real.

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2 Responses to thermos then and now

  1. amuhlou says:

    I don't have many thermos memories, but I do distinctly recall that neon orange new kids box! My dad brought them home for my sister and I as a surprise, we thought we were so cool!

  2. Kélé says:

    Of course you had that lunchbox too! Figures!

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