girls wear dresses

One of the perks of being female is getting to wear dresses. I recently realized that I just don’t have enough nice ones in my closet. For some reason, they are the hardest things to shop for. It is just impossible to find a flattering dress in the right color and style that fits right. Also I’m not a huge fan of taking the time to scour stores and this is one of those things, like buying jeans, that requires lots of trying on (unless you get lucky-like my last jean purchase at TJ Max for $14.99 which only required a 5 minute try on). One needs a good stock of dresses for events, bridal showers, baby showers, funerals, going out, special occasions, etc. I rarely shop for dresses and when I need them it is always not in time to go out and get one. So my new theory for this year is that I’m going to try and acquire some dresses ahead of time in anticipation of upcoming events. Enter Shabby Apple. The styles are really modern and fashionable. Everything just looks well-designed. I can’t attest to the actual quality as I’ve never worn them, but the prices are such you would hope they are well put together. The prices aren’t horrible. I would pay more for something good quality that I like and will wear. I’m not opposed to buying a few and trying them on and returning the ones I don’t like. I’m a chronic returner. For better of for worse.

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