the dish obsession continues

Do I need to get a dining table or what! It’s sort of up next on the list of things to do with the house. But decisions need to be made such as where the table will go, and how big it should be! In the meantime, I still continue to admire dinnerware designs…like these plates adorned with water colored poppies.

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One Response to the dish obsession continues

  1. amuhlou says:

    those are gorgeous, certainly not your grandmother's china! I recently had a dinnerware dilemma, as the dishes I got for my wedding shower started to chip already so I am returning them (Kohls has an unconditional return policy)! When looking for replacements, I discovered that I was apparently being super picky and ended up having to sacrifice style in order to get something I could count on being durable. Hopefully I can accent them with some pops of color here and there.

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