love of leggings

Leggings are by far the best piece of clothing ever created. Does it get more comfortable then this? I only wish I could wear leggings in the summer. Heck, I’ve been wearing leggings since I was 11 and younger even. That’s why when Victoria’s Secret introduced this pair of leggings I must say I was beside myself. The print is so late 80’s early 90’s feeling- like something I owned at one time. This harkens back to the days of yore when clothes shopping involved me looking through the mail order catalogs such as Lands End or L.L. Bean. My mom hated shopping so this was the early roots of catalog ordering for me. My grandma on the other hand would take us shopping for special occasions to get an outfit such as the ‘back to school’ outfit or the Easter outfit. I have always loved stretchy pants made of cotton, my favorite clothing material by far. When I started working from home I really amped up the yoga pants selection in my wardrobe. I have to say though, sometimes, leggings can by stylish. Like my faux jeans leggings. I wore those under sweater dresses last fall and felt very stylish. And now with Victoria’s Secret’s Stretchy Cotton Mixers line, I must say they are after my own heart- making comfy clothes oh so fashionable. I don’t know which to get- the leggings or this cute scoopneck tee dress! I think with the leggings- it’s all in the application. Eg. you can’t just wear them sitting around the house. You have to accessorize and style it up with other pieces. I feel that pulling them off these days requires just a bit more ‘dressing up’ then usual. I’m up for it.

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