dream desk and pillow follow up

I think People thought I was crazy when I started talking about wanting a white desk. Like it was some unheard of thing / only for children’s bedrooms. Well, mean store lady: take this. Pottery Barn’s got a nice…white….desk. I love it. I want it very bad but it costs a pretty penny. I’ll have to think on this matter further (as I’ve been doing the past month). I was supposed to kick into high gear searching for a like desk for cheaper but I never did come up with anything. It turns out this desk is one of few that are as deep as I need. I’m not ruling out the possibility of making a desk (or should I say, having a handy-man make the desk). My top priority is that is be the right size, then that it is white. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find this combination. Even if I threw out the white desire I’m still really hard pressed to find deep desks. I suspect most people don’t have the needs I do, having two monitors and needing to be a fair distance from my display, as well as have my arms supported on the desk for comfortable mousing. I’ll admit though, I even like the dark wood version of this Porter Collector’s Desk. Perhaps it will go on sale. Although one thing I’m learning is that you can’t wait too long on purchases or they’ll sell out as the season changes. I did manage to snag the pillows in my last post- they turned out to be no longer available online so I had to have them shipped from the Indianapolis store- and one I even had to resort to Ebay! Anywho I did triumph and they are actually now used with my master bedroom ensemble. Turns out they worked perfectly with my Martha Stewart Trousseau Collection bedset-actually bring the room from drab to fab in a a mini makeover type event. When my couches come in August I’ll probably just move em down to the living room. I guess one thing with having consistent taste / style is that you can get a lot of mileage out of pieces by mixing and matching even which room they go in!

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