wallpaper roundup

I never ever imagined I would consider wallpaper in my home. Until recently, I just thought of it as…dated? Perhaps because the last time we had it was when I was literally 4 years old. Now my mother in law has some at her house and it looks nice. But you do get nervous about covering your walls with prints that are bound to look dated at some point in time. Then there’s all the nervousness about application and permanency. I doubt those should really be factors that sway you since from what I gathered these days wallpaper is not this permanent messy thing. Still, I think I need to dip my toes in the water first. Then yesterday while perusing the Graham Brown Designer Wallpaper Contest Photo Contest entrants, I saw how people are using wallpaper in their homes and my jaw dropped to ground. These were some fantastic rooms. I was utterly inspired. Pictured above is the Spirit Collection “Sparkle Brown” (also comes in beige) and Mode Collection “Enchant” in light brown. I thought these two matched the feel I am going for in my living room. Today’s lesson: Never say never.

Below, a gorgeous bathroom using Damask. I love white with purple accents for bathrooms.

This picture show’s a creative use of what I believe are $2.00 samples. Talk about designer art on the cheap! This idea is brilliant and I plan to do something like this. Artwork can be expensive, so this is a great DIY route.

This next photo shows Small Paintable Squares. What a great way to add some texture and color of your choosing.

You have to admire this use of Beadboard, it gives the kitchen dimensional feel. It’s a mock ‘paneling’ look. Beadboard first started being used in the 1800’s and was very popular in the 1920’s. It evokes sort of a vintage seaside cottage feel for me. Bonus points for the bronze sun.
This next bathroom uses Umbra Fracto. Nice!

And Lastly, if you were interested in knowing my top picks of Graham and Brown wallpaper: Here they are assembled nicely for your viewing pleasure. These are the colors I have in mind for the living room.

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