sticking with the gut

So, it’s done. We ordered couches. I’ll be less long winded then my last post and just give you the nutshell version. I realized the reason I was so stressed out and obsessed with the couch thing was because I wasn’t really 100% happy with the desicion to get a dark couch. It went against all the inspirational photos I had found while researching. I always leaned to lighter concepts over and over again. Furthermore, I’m really all about a blank canvass I can continually mess around with. Let’s face it, my taste evolves all the time. I like the flexibility to change things up as I please, be it seasonally, or based on my growth as a designer, etc. Enter a ‘Mesquite’ colored couch (Think medium Khaki or linen). Its look can change based on it’s surroundings. I can try things out in my home over time, build the look up slowly as I discover what I like, and not be locked in to a room driven by a couch color. I can swap out pillows, curtains, rugs, objects, all things that are arguably less permanent than a couch, for goodness sake. Furthermore, a lighter couch fits better in our space (which is a little on the small side in the particular room the furniture is going in). I just couldn’t get into brown couches. Perhaps it was the fact that I had one growing up. Who knows. Oh, and one thing that helped was the 5 year warranty that allows us to get stained cushions cleaned or replace. That sure takes the edge off. $159 was worth the peace of mind, and we get it back in store credit if we don’t use it. For the record I don’t discriminate on brown couches all together, I’ve seen some really nice looking rooms with them. The models we are getting is pictured in the 2nd photo, (The two cushion couch and chair and a half) and the color is pictured in the first photo. (We’re swapping the striped pillows for a floral print ‘Cybul Mist’, a light blue green color with tan botanical print). My plans are to decorate it with blue green accent items. I’ll attach a picture that I found inspiring (last photo). I feel like the metallic touches and a little glamor, but like how the room still retains and earthy feel and uses natural tactile objects. Now, just waiting for it to arrive, and hoping Peanut won’t be too into it.

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3 Responses to sticking with the gut

  1. amuhlou says:

    Glad your couch saga has come to an end! That's a great idea getting a compromise between a light and dark color while still keeping it neutral in color! That chair.5 looks super cozy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey does anyone have any idea what the sparkly blue stuff is that is on the wall of the shelves? Is is wallpaper? or something else? cuz it looks awesome and i would wanna do something like that

  3. Kélé says:

    I'm thinking there is a good chance that it is wallpaper (although it does look really, really metallic). I know you can find some lustre /metallic wallpapers at As for this exact room, you might be able get a response from the interior designer- see her email address here it helps!

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