summer e-vites

I must say that there is something attractive about the concept of e-vites VS actual invites. This continues to be a running controversy in my head. The web designer in me says ‘print is dead’, ‘paperless is the way to go’. It even appeals to my green side, and, as I found out after sending change of address cards recently, it appeals to my frugal side. Let’s face it, paper stationery is expensive. Stamps are expensive. But e-vites? next to nothing comparatively! The pink and green dinner party invite and the 4th of July card are from Cocodot, and for $40 bucks you can get an full access to their card database. Paperless Post (images below)goes so far as to attempt to give you the lined envelope experience. I have to admit I thought that was pretty cool. In my opinion though nothing beats the tactile sensation of opening a nice card. It’s like opening a gift. In an ideal world, for me, I would do e-vites as a companion to actual invites. I like to document my designs online, anyhow, so why not email them out. That way people can access them easily if they want to stash the actual invite. Voila!

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