couch shopping is so much more to a designer

I never imagined it would be so hard to find a couch. Must every step of the home process be so difficult? When will the decisions stop being agonizing and start being easy!? When I started out the search I thought it was going to be much easier then it turned out to be. For instance, it turns out that our living room is smaller then I thought, eg. we can’t fit a love-seat. Ha! So we’re looking at a sofa and chair-and-a-half as they call it. Even that is pushing the boundaries of how much furniture can comfortable fit in the room. And no, we’re not choosing over-sized stuff here, standard sizes. I know this because the first couch we wanted was over-sized. When we measured we found that there would literally be no walking space between the love-seat and couch. That was a hilarious wake up call. Some advice: A. Measure and bring those to the store. B. Enlist the help of the sales people rather than go it alone. You’ll be surprised how helpful they can be. Once we did this, we came to success. We even had the sales lady / design consultant come out for a free in home consultation. I enjoyed this immensely although it did add more ideas to the ever churning mill in my head. When I started this journey I thought for sure we would have dune themed colors and objects in our living room. I’ve now come to find out that lighter colored couches probably are not in the best interest of having a livable space / planning ahead. Thus I’ve decided to go brown. It helps that the store model Klaussner ‘Comfy’ was in brown with really pretty fern print pillows. I then started scheming of changing my theme to a ‘woodland’ theme. Believe me, I have not gone from cottage to cabin- I am more or less looking for sort of a style pool to draw from. I finally satiated myself with the realization that the wooded trails off of the dunes on Lake Michigan are very beautiful, and fit my new ‘woodland’ idea. I’ve also some to realize that I love natural objects in the home as decoration, so this fits with my wood bowl and pine-cone hurricane. The pictures show room setups with the ‘Comfy’ series. I’ll have to choose fabric colors from a myriad of choices. (3, since there are two accent pillows). Oh my… what’s a girl to do? So far two top favorites are Hydrangea Champagne, and this fern print I don’t know the name of. One is ivory colored with flower outlines, the other is a muted soft blue-green with brown fern print, quite lovely. It’s hard to commit to a color though knowing that you’ll have to live with it for quite some time. (Or not, if you switch out the pillows) Heh, Heh, Heh…. Anyhow, there’s also been talk of turning the front room into a sitting room rather then a dining room. Been thinking of putting my dining table in the kitchen which is spacious. That was born of the realization that we had limited seating in the living room. It’s sort of a modern approach, one with which I am just now becoming comfortable with. ( I was always one for the ‘dining room’, and the ‘china’. ) I found it so shocking that hardly any of my friends registered for china. Now I’m starting to see why. We have a whole corner in the front room, devoted to boxes of china and serve-ware I have no place to store at the moment! It’s certainly a romantic notion but not practical for the young couple just starting out. Alas, one day (maybe soon!?) it will have a place. I just need to remember to sit back and enjoy the ride, because I feel this one is about that more then the destination… Now, if only I could slow down my racing mind…

Last picture show’s the hydrangea champagne print on a sample accent chair. (Which unfortuneately, we just might not have room for). I couldn’t find a pic of the fern print. Anyway, let me know what you think about color schemes on rooms and walls VS couch color.

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2 Responses to couch shopping is so much more to a designer

  1. Jolie says:

    The couches are nice. Love the prints. I have a leather couch and a white slipcover chair. The white chair does pick up dirt easy, but since it's a slipcover, it can be washed. I have a black dog and he sheds pretty bad, so I am forever using a lint roller on it. The leather couch works out perfect, he gets to lay on that and the fur just brushes right off.

  2. Kélé says:

    Yeah I am a bit worried about pet hair. I have a long haired kitten and she sheds! Also, when it comes to fabric choices, the textured ones are going to be all to attractive to her!

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