bringing nature in

Just when you were thinking there is no way you could afford a functional piece of wood like this, think again. Target’s selling these great natural wood bowls. (Don’t worry it’s sustainable wood.) Design on a dime–only $30 bucks at your local target. Be sure to buy these in person though not online since each bowl has individual characteristics. Also, here is a great cheap way to decorate: Fill a hurricane with found natural object, for example, pine cones. I picked some up a few weekends ago at my parent’s house in Lansing and managed to convince my mom to give me her hurricane glass which she never uses. (I was always the one wanting to fill it with seasonal items). If pine cones are too ‘fall’ for you, try sand or seashells for the summertime! I got inspired after a trip to Pottery Barn where I realized they were selling dried leaves for $19 that I could find in my own backyard. How do they get away with selling driftwood by the way? I guess the lesson here is, you can get the awesome decorative items for FREE, just take a little nature walk.

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One Response to bringing nature in

  1. amuhlou says:

    I am totally digging natural decor these days too! I love the earthy feel of stoneware and acacia wood

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