I want to cheat.

I’ve always been known among my friends and family to be a loyal person. However, when it comes to dishes, I am apparently the opposite of loyal. Although I have yet to officially give in, I’ve been having fantasies about ditching my current chili red Corelle stone. And one might say my plates are perfectly fine! I think the designer in me just gets bored easily and wants to change it up so to speak, and I’ve targeted plates as a fairly non-committal item to swap out. Look, it’s not like changing paint or buying furniture, right? These Urban Outfitters Kaleidoscope Floral Plates caught my eye. The thing about this is that it is all entirely irrational, just based on whim and fancy. This plate is the cool thing of the moment, but in 6 months I’ll want another set. So it is a good thing my red plates are pretty classic because I think they’ll be around for awhile, lest I give in. Maybe the solution is just to swap out sets seasonally. Yeah!…and I can do this with bedding too right ;)…

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