birthday celebrations / sushi and pizza reviews

So I had a great weekend in Lansing celebrating my birthday! I have to say, I stopped at some places in Lansing that I had never been before, new places that have opened up fairly recently (or not so recently perhaps but since I’ve moved). Friday night I kept with the tried and true and Tom and I met Abby at Clara’s for dinner. That place continues to be one of my all time favorite restaurants, there is just no getting around it. I ordered Cesar salad and cheese pizza. I got the famed Blondie for dessert, and it did not disappoint. Afterward Tom and I checked out a new bar downtown, Tin Can, and it was fun just to go to a new bar, plus they had cotton candy vodka which I had with club soda. People usually look at me funny since I always am ordering club soda + something at bars. It’s just that I don’t like to consume my calories via liquid, it’s just not worth it plus I get too full drinking pop or juice. I hardly ever drink pop, anyway in my normal day to day. I don’t drink, so this was a rarity / special occasion. The next day I woke up and had great morning with my dad, going to my first Estate Sale out in Haslett. Believe you me, I’m pretty sure that if at all humanely possible, I am going to buy furniture for our house via this method rather then pay full retail. You know why? You can get better quality items for ridiculously bottom barrel prices. Now, you have to arrive at the sale at the time of opening the first day, and be speedy. People are vultures at these and you must act quickly if you want something. Things get picked over very fast. It’s thrilling. I found a really cool cut out wood screen / room divider, that I plan to use creatively in the house somehow either as part of my office or, get this, as a do it yourself headboard. Has similar geometric cutout style items right now so I felt pretty satisfied that I had a coup. The rest of the morning was less successful, but we had fun going to garage sales and such. Daddy daughter time is always good. Then, we picked up Tom and headed to Sushi Moto for lunch. 5 stars! I loved that place. I’d go there every day for lunch. Delicious. We split the spicy california, shrimp tempura, and philadelphia roll for a light lunch. Later Tom and I had a slice of pizza from the new ‘Geno’s’ downtown. Pretty good! We also went to the City Market. This was my first time there and I was really pleased. I had some coconut and peach gelato. MMM! Left with some natural peanut butter and a honey crisp apple. Again, why can’t I transplant this to Fort Wayne? They had so many great vendors, lots of whole foods and such. Tom and I went to some pawn shops for fun, and a walk at Hunter’s Orchard. Dinner with the family ensued, followed by a night out with Les and Mel, followed by a bashing of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ with my sis. Sunday, Ali took me out for a birthday luncheon at Applebee’s where I was embarrassed by the singing waiters. (I secretly loved it). Next time I am in Lansing I’ll come bearing souvenirs from the Caribbean to dole out. Oh, and, we’ll see Phantom of the Opera. It’s shaping up to be a great summer. (Did I mention it’s not even officially my birthday yet?) After considering the options I’ve decided that an Indian dinner sounds good for Tuesday! Thanks to my friends and family in Lansing for all the birthday love.

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