rainbows and stars

My blog readers have probably come to realize now that I write about an eclectic range of topics. I like to keep a lot of interests across different design mediums, and life in general because it acts as inspiration for me, and anyone in the creative field knows that sometimes, you find something particularly nice, and you just want to bookmark it for later. I am by no means a video game fan, or a Beatles fan (although I did really get into them while watching Across the Universe (which I loved) (and I realize that some of you are now aghast and disappointed), but I came across the Beatles Rockband website and and love the design of the site. Lately I’ve been into atmospheric sites that put you in an environment and make you feel less like you are looking at a flat monitor. Clouds and landscapes often help with that. I found this site when I was voting for the Webby’s People’s Choice awards category. Kudos to the site designer! Also, for anyone who hasn’t seen Across the Universe, I’ll recommend it while I am at it. Don’t be scared off by the fact its a musical. It’s very entertaining and even my musical hating cousin really liked the movie. Oh, and I know it is really lame to get in the Beatles via a movie like this. That would be like years from now some kid discovering Michael Jackson via a movie. Laaaaame, I know. Moving on….

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