american style

So, a little information on me: My 2nd job was at American Eagle Outfitters. I was 19, right out of high school. I thought the job was pretty fun, it involved clothes, and I ‘complained’ that employees had to wear clothes from the latest season line. We got 1/2 off, which seemed like a bargain, and I was always very fashionable. I loved the easy style of AE clothes, lots of cotton and denim, button downs and polos. Well, I recently came across this company, Martin + Osa, via Hooray Design Blog. As I looked it over, I thought, these clothes are awesome, they are like AE for grownups! Then, I scrolled to the bottom of the homepage and found the company is indeed owned by AE! So, I thought I better share it with you for all of you out there that like AE, but want to graduate from shopping with a bunch of teenagers. The western plaque belt is splendid. I could retire my former AE western belt. I think I will look out for the sleeveless denim shirt to go on sale. I had one just like this when I was a kid. I think my mom ordered it from a catalog like Lands Ends or something. Oh, and one must have a white button down, right?

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