what girl doesn’t love horses!

Wanted to share this photo by Dusty Brown Photography. I have always been a big fan of horses and enjoyed the few times I went horse back riding. They are such majestic creatures, and it stumps me why a beast of this size would allow a human to be it’s master, and do said human’s bidding. What a loyal animal. How many other animals can compare? Dogs are the next closest thing as far as loyalty and being a ‘work animal’. I admit I am a cat lover, I do concede that cat’s are more…shall we say independent. My kitten Peanut is a very loving creature though. She follows me everywhere and likes to be nearby. Rarely does she do her own thing except to play with her favorite ‘caterpillar antenna toy’ (or a twisted twisty-tie), or maybe she’ll look out a window or take a nap. The rest of the time, she is trying to get involved with whatever I am doing. Yesterday she jumped into the cupboards as I was organizing them. I could go on forever on this topic so I’ll quit now. Anyhow, this photo really gets me thinking of doing some horseback riding at Pokehagon State Park this summer! What a great concept for a ‘trash the dress’ session as well.

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One Response to what girl doesn’t love horses!

  1. Love this! Just happened to come across your blog again, and know most of Dusty's stuff – he's actually my brother-in-law!!! Anyway, when I get a minute more to breathe, I'll have to get you some of our wedding pics that Dusty did like I told you I would WAY too long ago – sorry about that. I can't say enough good things about Dusty… not only an awesome photog, but also so much fun to work with!

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