sunroom makeover

I just discovered and I must say I am simply inspired. This young married couple did an insanely amazing job of making a 50 year old house look completely modern. If they can do that with a 50 year old house, their must be no limits to what you can achieve! I guess I already have a head-start a bit the house only being built in 1994. Our ‘sunroom’ or ‘back porch’ or ‘3 season’s room’ whatever you want to call it, is unfinished. I must say these photos just blew away my original expectations for finishing of the room. Progress on move in has been pretty slow. I did manage to get the kitchen done to a workable state, cabinet organizing is something that I am actually pretty good at. Spices, pantry and under sink are still in need of organization, but I got the heavy lifting out of the way so to speak. I even ‘staged’ the room (ok decorated a bit, but I like to say ‘staged’ because I am recently inspired from watching Selling New York on HGTV). I visited Ethan Allen (for inspiration only) the other week, and then found a cheap red tulip fake flower arrangement for the kitchen table at Tuesday Morning yesterday- a la Ethan Allen but a fraction of the cost. Check out Sherry and John’s before and after of their sunroom!

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