spring glow

For anyone else living under a rock, you’ll be pleasantly suprised to discover the phenomenon know as Bare Minerals. I became aware of how pretty the makeup when my Friend Melanie wore it at our friend Sabrina’s wedding last July. I mean, it obviously struck a cord with me. Months later, while in Ulta, I finally made the plunge. I got a free makeup application (they’ll do your face in the hopes you will by something-not fully mind you so you can’t just go in there to prep for a date). I was an easy sell and bought the ‘Fair’ shade and accouterments. The next day, I realized that the color was a *bit* on the dark side for my pale winter complexion. I went back and exchanged it for ‘Fairly Light’. That was a better color for winter for me. I later learned that it is encourage to mix shades to customize! How cool I thought, a do-it-yourself attitude. They even have made customer combo creations into actual products they sell. This mix it up attitude is encourage throughout the line. It really is the whole point of the makeup, blend, blend, blend. I used to wear liquid foundation, but I probably won’t be going back now since I like the light clean feel of this makeup. If you have dry skin, a primer helps. They also continually come out with new ‘kits’ like the one pictured. ‘The Look of Now, Fab Fresh‘, was my introductions to colors in bare minerals. The Strawberry Shortcake was possibly the best lipgloss I ever wore, and I’ve worn many in my day. For some reason, (probably my contacts) I was never able to wear eye liner comfortably, but I was able to pull off the ‘jungle’ eyeliner. It was still a bit on the dramatic side for me since I’ve been know to my friends as being the one who doesn’t wear/need much makeup. But it was definitely something I would try again. As far as technique, watch the QVC tutorial video. It’s a great springy look. Just the lilac eyeshadow and lip gloss is a quick improvement and gives that ‘I’m just naturally beautiful look’ as if you’re not wearing makeup at all (yet secretly you look way better with this on).

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