Happy Spring!

It finally warmed up in Fort Wayne. This has me thinking about all the exciting things I can do now that the weather is warmer. Go see my family in Lansing more often, nature hikes, camping, just being outside in general. I often wonder sincerely if I would enjoy living in a climate that is warm all year round. Every time I’ve let my mind wander down that lane I always bring myself back to reality (or submission) by saying, ‘but a Christmas without snow?’. That’s well and good but let’s be honest with myself here. I went cross country skiing a total one count it, once. I am going to partially blame mother nature for that one. Nevertheless. Another thing I’ve always told myself was that we don’t have to deal with bugs or scary animals, and we’re not at risk for natural disasters. Finally, I remind myself that I live close by Lake Michigan, oh how I love Lake Michigan. I get fuzzy feelings just thinking about it. I always thought growing up how lucky I was to live in a state that’s not landlocked, liked Kansas. What an awful fate! Now I am greater distance to the Lake, yet have dreams of one day getting a cottage closer to Lake Michigan. It seemed like living in Lansing one took for granted their position close to the water. Nearing my departure from Lansing I took that two hour road trip to the beach more often. I recall summer days in my post college life, driving over the rolling hills with the top down on my ‘del sol’. Ahhh…..these are the thoughts that come to me upon the first moments of 70 degree weather…. Check out these spring animal prints at Sharon Montrose’s Etsy shop.

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