Wear green or be pinched

Happy St. Patty’s Day! I must say that today had me thinking back on all those fun school holidays we celebrated as kids. I loved it in elementary school when the teachers would decorate the classrooms for each month! These days, I get my fix of feeling ‘seasonal’ when I design season-specific emails for clients. It’s funny because those things always get done ahead of time and you always are like ‘wow, it’s time for _________fill in the blank with whatever season or holiday is around the corner’. Once on St. Patty’s day I discovered a have buried green toy soldier under a bush in our yard, and was sure this was a sign that leprechauns did in fact exist. Speaking of things that may or may not exist, the elusive 4 leaf clover. Never did find one of those… Anyhow. In the past several years I came to see the holiday as a Big Party among friends. Today is a Wednesday, so I doubt/hope people won’t go too nuts. (I myself don’t drink anyway, but this seems to be everyone’s favorite drinking day. Much like spectator sporting events, I like festive occasions even if I don’t fully participate. I like to be part of ‘events’, usually for me that means cooking something special and socializing. I had a vaguely Irish-ish lunch, a turkey reuben. (The non-red meat eater’s take on reubens!). Tonight’s dinner is anything but irish though! Finally trying to make Orange Chicken at home…. Happy St. Patrick’s day to All! Check out this cupcake recipe if you are feeling ambitious tonight!

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