Pots and Pans = Home

It’s been awhile in between posts and I’ll fill you in on a little secret. We are house hunting! It has been a very exciting roller coaster. I must say as someone who enjoys shopping- I do love it. I remember thinking back on wedding dress shopping a year or so after the wedding and thinking, I just wish I would have slowed down and enjoyed it a bit. Watched some of those dress buying shows on TLC. Shopped at more stores, looked and played more. I have a very utilitarian method when it comes to big purchases. Not as much as Tom, he makes my style of shopping look difficult. I am thorough, but yet I don’t fuss when I’ve found something that fits the bill. I mean, yeah, I could keep looking and yeah, I would probably have found another dress I liked. But there comes a point when you have to stop shopping just to shop or hold out for the next best thing. It’s when something feels right. Well folks, I may be onto something with a house I’ve found. I haven’t disclosed that I found one I liked to anyone. It’s like when women get pregnant, you aren’t supposed to rush out and tell people. I don’t know if this house we like is going to go through so to speak, but I wanted to share my excitement of finding something I like, anyway. I feel like this is going to be a monumental moment in my life, a coming of age. I mean, you are a real person once you buy a house right? It’s like the official Next Step for Tom and I, the Next Step for me in what we call Life. So, when I saw this Le Creuset cookware in ‘Lilac Mist‘, I got all fuzzy inside because I thought, I am going to have my own house soon! I must disclose that I still have a beautiful Calphalon Stainless Steel cookware set we have yet to take out of the package, a wonderful gift from Tom’s parents. House Hunting: Some stress, a lot of joy. (At least that is how I feel today).

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