light and layered

It is pretty rare that a website stops me in its tracks. I mean, I see a lot, right? Well, sometimes– I actually pause and look at something for longer that the perfunctory amount of time I usually look. Well, if a site makes me stop for a minute and mesmerizes me, I am impressed. I’ve always seemed to gravitate to the organic looking sites, with paper bits and splotches as if it were a hand made collage. The concept has intrigued me for years and I think for some clients, it is fitting. It is definitely a trendy feel, but what could be more perfect for a clothing company such as Free People, where trends are the name of the game. I also am of the feeling that for sites with a younger target audience, ‘trendy’ styles are totally fine in this ever changing medium. A website should evolve over time, not be designed and left alone. Lately I have also been noticing the social media icons pop up everywhere. I saw them on a tv commercial lately even, and on my Long John Silver’s email. They are everywhere! I keep an eye out on how they are being used since this is a big part of my work, having had to design for Twitter, Myspace and Facebook a lot lately.

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