cookbook roundup

To my surprise, I’ve found that I am actually good at cooking. I have just the right combination of recipe following and not following. I get the following part from my mom, it is my dad who just makes stuff up as he goes. He was traditionally known as the cook of the family, although my mom has her tried and true dishes. Everyone brings something to the table. Now I find myself wanting to replicate some of my childhood favorites. Lucky for me I have a whole binder of those family favorites. My friend Leslie got me the Joy of Cooking for my birthday this year. I think I am overwhelmed by the sheer size of the book. It’s a beast! Recently while at the library I picked up two other cookbooks, Martha Stewart’s Original Classics, and Cooks Illustrated Cooking for Two. I was so excited about the latter that I bought it. It renewed my desire to cook by providing me with some promising new recipies to try out, all in a digestible format (no pun intended). Some of the recipes I am going to try include bratwurst with sauteed green pepper and onions, bean soup, tortilla casserole, several salmon recipies, apple dumplings, the list goes on. As for the Martha book, yeah there are some out there recipies that I would never try in a million years, but it is just quirky enough to include some real winners. For example, two of my favorite Indian cuisine delights: Mango Lassi (fruit and yogurt smoothie) and Kulfi (molded ice cream treat!). As for the Joy of Cooking, I know that is a tried and true– if I need something basic it is the go-to book. Dare I check out Julia Child’s Art of French Cooking next?

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