style watch: grays with texture

Ah, J. Crew. I’ve always loved recieving their catalogs in the mail. The style is so clean, they incorporate trends without the clothing seeming too trendy–and retain a classic feel. I’ve only owned a couple pieces of J. Crew clothing in my life, including a gray wool embroidered cardigan that was awesome until it accidentally made it into the dryer. The other J. Crew item I have is a black puffer winter jacket that I’ve got much use out of. I’ve always coveted J. Crew clothes but usually avoid the store, and throw out the catalogs. When I was in college I thought, I’ll get these clothes one day when I can afford it. Well, little did I know that when that day would come, I wouldn’t want to afford it. I really have trouble bringing myself to want to fork out the kind of dough required to have this seemingly effortless style. Alas, I still find myself fantasizing about wearing these items, especially the dress since I have an upcoming ‘Gala’ to attend with Tom. While the striped tee is awesome (and coincidentally something Blake Lively recently wore), I have a grey H&M tee that will suffice. As far as the rose printed tee, I really could see that being an awesome work outfit for somebody in my field.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want that flower shirt!! -Brina

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