crayola love

This piece of art is by Jamie Shovlin. I must say it conjures up many memories of one of my favorite childhood pastimes. One of my fondest memories includes drawing a Christmas card in first grade- a tree with many little dots of colors to represent decorations. I was a bit of an art prodigy in elementary school. I won contests- one being first place in the illustration category for my Martin Luther King book report. I once did an ink drawing of a ladybug that the principal framed to put in her office. In retrospect- I don’t no why I let her have it since I never saw it again. At least that set the stage for later in life when my photography teacher asked to keep one of my photos- I said ‘no’! I’ll never forget my elementary school art class projects. I wish I could thank my teachers now! Projects included a linoleum hand carved stamp, a beaded Christmas ornament, a sculptural tile of Billie Holiday, hand rolled beads out of magazine paper made a heart shaped pin gift for mom…oh, the roots of my artistry began. I remember signing up for special after school art classes! At home I did art all the time too- I conducted gallery shows (taping watercolor works to the wall with scotch tape at age 6). I created my own special ‘tropical’ box of crayons in which I hand selected colors and re-packed it with my drawing du jour- palm trees on a beach. I made miniature polymer clay food items…I guess things haven’t changed much as I recently made a wedding cake replica ornament. Little did I know that those roots would lead me to my career today- art in the form of designing websites!

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