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I discovered a talented illustrator named Asa Montenejo while perusing Etsy awhile back and have since been fascinated by the stationery in her shop on Etsy– Inkylivie. I caught up with her for a quick interview! It is always inspiring to me to see creative women who balance their own business and a family. Enjoy!

HD: Could tell me a little bit about yourself and your work?
ASA: I am a work-at-home mom. I take care of my 8-yr old and 4 yr old during the day, and become a designing piggy (a.k.a. Inky Livie) at night when they go to sleep :). I was born and raised in the Philippines, but am currently based in the Bay Area in Northern California. Before I started a family, I was a practicing architect in Manila (Philippines), but I’ve been drawing my whole life, pretty much since I figured out what a pencil was for.
HD: Could you tell me about what inspires your work?
ASA: I love taking inspiration from other forms of art and fields of design, and I always find myself getting really excited over textiles and patterns. I always try to put out something that I haven’t seen before– I like to think that although my work is basically 2-dimensional, they have a lot of personality for paper goods :).

HD: What is it like to have your own creative business?
ASA: Having my own creative business has been very fulfilling for me, particularly because I have discovered that I validate myself through my work, and I tend to be unhappy (and very grouchy) when I am not doing anything creative. I have had my own challenges, naturally, one of the biggest being my balancing my time between my mommy duties and my Inky Livie obligations.

Thanks Asa! Be sure to check out her shop for more handmade stationery and invites or to inquire about custom designs!

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