Yesterday I spotted a really cute recipe box and immediately thought of getting one for my friend who recently got engaged. I have fond memories when I think back on looking at hand written recipes. Until now, I always had the attitude that my binder worked just fine, it was in fact, more handy then a clunky box. I created said binder in my high school Cooking For Singles Class. It actually was a brilliant final project since it contains all my family favorites and has been used again and again. But what is lacking from my binder is any inkling of personality. My mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother all have little boxes with hand-written recipes. Half of the fun of is holding a hand-written note from a loved one. It just makes the recipe seem so much more…authentic–as if its a family heirloom. There is something comforting about making one of grandma’s recipies– it reminds me of good times in the past. I often ask grandma for basic recipes- she has them memorized! I’ve asked about meatloaf- or mashed potatoes. This is the kind of stuff that I’ve needed to learn as a beginning cook. I think that starting myself a recipe box might be the perfect place to start my own food journey-and also to collect those tried and true favorites.

Check out the Martha Stewart Recipe Box and the Assembly of Text Recipe Box.

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