how to be the most stylish kitten ever

I’ve never had a really distinctive personal style when it comes to clothes. That’s one area where I admit defeat- I just go with the flow. I think when I was 19 and working at American Eagle I got a warped sense of what is ‘stylish’, and that consisted of jeans and cotton tops in various colors– button downs, polos and henleys. A lot of white too. Accent with a trendy leather belt and voila! Moments where I though I was really stylish consisted of shopping at Forever 21. That place is like Style For Dummies. You (almost) can’t go wrong with many of the items in there. I sort of accidentally stumbled into having some super hip items in college. Recently after moving to Fort Wayne I’ve had the pleasure of shopping at H&M, which due to their different ‘departments’ can be a good or a bad thing depending on the section I get my clothes from. Once, a very friendly store clerk explained to me how they have the store divided up–they have a career section, a trendy section, a soccer mom section, and so on. Well, its probably a good thing if I am NOT shopping the soccer mom section since I am not a mom or a soccer mom for that matter. But those long sleeve cotton tops are so…comfy. However, despite my shortcomings in having a true or unique personal style, I know my kitten will be rockin’ with the latest duds. Oh yeah. I designed a pet tag Months of the Year Set, with one tag for every month. I also designed a second line, the Fashion Line, where tags can be selected to match a pet’s personality. I’ll never get bored of her tags and she can express multiple sides of her personality. My kitten Peanut is a girl, hence the sometimes feminine nature of the tags. Not pictured is the Steelers Tag I made to surprise my husband. The tags are made with Shrinky Dinks. Enjoy!

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