pushing summer with 1-ingredient ice cream

Ahh, September is here already. One thing I will never understand is how the summer flies by so fast. Another is why everyone here in the midwest is happy only having a few warms months. It truly is the minority of the year where we can expect sun. It seems like the brevity of this summer was punctuated for me by the closing of the neighborhood pool. It seemed like, one moment it was open–as I dove in whole heatedly in late May, and the next– it was closed, and that was only late August. It seems like I should be able to swim a little while longer…but alas the lifeguards are back in school now. My swimming abilities got seriously crippled in mid July when I caught a cold and how I regret those days of not being able to swim. Well, I guess its back to the YMCA. Who am I kidding, it was only this May that I discovered the joys of outdoor swimming anyway. I think its just the fact that the pool closing represents the dreaded end of summer. In light of pushing the summer, I would like to share a frozen treat I found on my blogroll. From Sarah Jane of Instructables, 1-Ingredient Ice Cream! It’s a pretty simple recipie, just blend frozen bananas until smooth!

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