czech glass bracelet obsession

It all started out when I went to Blues Fest in Old Town with my friend Abby. This was before I moved out of Lansing, Michigan. We visited a couple neat little shops, and one bracelet caught my eye. It was spectacular, stunning, such fine craftsmanship and so delicate. I later came back and bought it. It was this bracelet that really got me interested in designing jewelery in the first place. Well, I have to admit that the real impetus was when I accompanied my sister to Michael’s– she was going to to pickup up some jewelry making supplies to start a new hobby. I thought, I want to do this too! It wasn’t until the fall when I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana that I acted on my desire to make my own. I took the little bracelet into the local bead shop for ‘beading night’, and I learned from the store owner how to make one myself. I’ve since made a couple of my own bracelets and I’ve found that jewelry making is very addictive. I’ve always been interested in jewelry, I worked my way through college at Zales. But handmade jewelery is something entirely different and special. I should post some of my own jewelery soon, but until then I’ll leave you with this Purple Garden Charm Bracelet I found on Etsy! Recently, I learned I like the color purple, which blows my mind. It’s one of the most significant changes I’ve noticed about myself as time has gone on. That and I don’t like pineapple on pizza anymore.
Check out The Greatful Bead shop on Etsy for more unique jewelry!

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