deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are one of my favorite foods to eat at a summer bbq. According to those closest to me, I have the knack for making them perfect. I must credit my mom for the recipe! I usually save a couple of the hard boiled eggs from the batch and keep them in the fridge for snacking.

Mom’s Deviled Eggs

Put the eggs in a pan of cold water
Add salt to the cold water
Bring to a rolling boil
As soon as the water boils, cover pan and turn burner off
Set timer for 15 minutes
At 15 minute mark plunge eggs into cold water
Cool. Peel.
Slice eggs in half lengthwise
Remove yolks
Mash yolks
Add Miracle Whip to yolks to taste
Add French’s mustard to taste
Mix Well
Fill Eggs
Sprinkle with Paprika (put in spoon, hold over and tap so it lands on the yellow portion only)

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2 Responses to deviled eggs

  1. BchBuni82 says:

    Mmmmm… I love deviled eggs too. I just made them last night. 🙂 I have always made them that way also, but my fiance's mom used nutmeg instead of paperika. It brings a whole new flavor. If your ever in the mood to switch things up you should give it a try sometime.

  2. Kélé says:

    what a creative spin!

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