organization is a plus

Design that is beautiful and functional is what fascinates me the most. I am always in favor of things I can add to my life to keep me organized, and I like to know that important information is stored somewhere where I can get at easily. So I was quite thrilled to find this little Birthday Book by Dutch Door Press. This mini binder contains a month by month organizer so you can jot down friend’s birthdays, as well as a slot filled with beautiful floral illustrated birthday cards. Dutch Door Press creates stationery inspired by traditional folk art of northern Europe. Photos are courtesy of Print & Pattern, a great blog celebrating surface pattern design.

My Grandma Anne’s side of family has Dutch heritage so I have a soft spot for folk art. Holland, Michigan was a great place for a mini vacation as well. Ahh, how I adore windmills and clogs.
I picked up our first Christmas tree ornament, a pair of miniature clogs, at Dutch Village. I would love to back again this summer!

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