summertime = snow cones

I have to admit that even now, I still experience a childlike bliss at the mere
thought of getting a snow cone. Lucky for me, Fort Wayne has many more
opportunities to get this summer treat than Lansing. There’s a snow cone
shack plopped down right in in the middle of a grocery parking lot by our
house. Last night my husband took me out for a snow cone. It made me
think back on a great little business out of Kansas City I learned about
while reading Design SpongeFresher Than Fresh.
Lindsay Laricks,
inspired by her organic garden, came up with the idea of selling ‘gourmet’
snow cones with all natural organic flavors, for example, Lemon Prickly Pear,
Blackberry Lavender, Watermelon Basil, Lime Mint, Espresso
Mexican Cane
r and Ginger Rose. She sells them out of 1957 Shasta Trailer, topped
with a cute mascot– “Snowie”.

I think this business is a great inspiration. I like how Lindsay Laricks brought this
Unique idea to life. Be sure to check out her letterpress and design studio as well.

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